Defy the Trend. Change is inevitable. Burnout is not.

Burnout Coaching that Empowers Individuals and Organizations to Create Communities of Care

I coach change agents and evolving organizations — those who most want to make a difference in the world — to start the change by combatting burnout in themselves and their communities. Through fully customized individual and group burnout coaching and training and team building that leverages both my decades of experience developing leaders and teaching mindfulness, meditation and yoga, I help you build communities of care that value rest and well-being. I create and curate burnout preventing resources, courses and retreats, training and team building events, yoga and meditation classes, and burnout coaching experiences that get you started on creating a burnout-proof life and workplace no matter where you are starting on the journey.


Personalized sessions mix mindfulness practices, powerful questions and discussion to  avoid burnout.

Yoga and Meditation

My restorative yoga counteracts symptoms of burnout, and meditation classes truly welcome all people and bodies.

Retreats and Courses

Learn and grow so you can dig deeper, and rest and recharge from any burnout symptoms you may be experiencing.

Training and Team building

Connect to your organization’s purpose, build community, and focus on what matters.

Organizational Development

I guide your organization in forming a solid foundation that encourages work-life balance.


Find support for your radical change journey through my favorite online resources.

Why my approach to fighting burnout is different

I gather people who are audacious enough to believe they can change the world. Together, we defy the trends of racism, sexism, heteronormativity, ableism and all -isms that keep people from being their whole, beautiful and gifted selves.

Burnout coaching for exhausted change agents

Exhausted, unfocused and disconnected? This is burnout coaching rooted in community care.

The Defy the Trend Burnout Coaching Community empowers you to make change starting with loving yourself. Gather with other change agents – those who work so hard to change their communities — who have neglected to take care of themselves. Recover from or prevent burnout with community care that includes intentional rest, restorative yoga and meditation, mindful time managment, and learning a burnout prevention mindset.

Remember that burnout, caused by overwork, is NOT YOUR FAULT. Burnout happens because our racist, patriarchal culture tells that constant productivity is the way to earn value.

That’s nonsense. You are valuable just the way you are and are inherently worthy of rest.

The burnout coaching community opens in fall and spring to new members, but you can get a taste of what we do anytime with a free restorative yoga class, stress-reducing meditation downloads, time managment and mindfulnes classes, virtual coworking space and a private, supportive online community.

A person with long brown hair writing happily on a calendar at light brown table. The words, "Summer Schedule Management workshop" by Defy the Trend and Valerie Friedlander coaching.

Stop scrambling from your summer to fall routine

Make a schedule tailored to your life first

The Summer Schedule Management Workshop will set you up with a sustainable routine, intentional, easeful transitions and space for real, deep rest.

Join burnout coaches Valerie Friedlander and Nicole Havelka while they guide you through setting your priorities and aligning with your values then creating a sane schedule that leaves you space for rest during this two-hour workshop on May 3.

“Nicole came into my life at a crucial turning point and one I didn’t think I could get through. Her guidance and mixture of coaching/meditation/view-reframing helped me once again see a path forward. [It was] 2020 so the path was messy and built by a two-year-old, but it’s a path! I look forward to continuing my journey with Nicole as I find my way through the dense woods to a higher viewpoint of clarity.”

Lindy Boustedt

Filmmaker, CEO of First Sight Productions

“Nicole is passionate about what she does, and it shows! Since participating in my first retreat with Nicole, I have built an at-home yoga practice, practiced meditation and self-reflection in new ways, and gained support to continue my own personal growth.”

Jenn Ringgold

Church and Youth Worker, School Board Candidate

“My sessions with Nicole provided me with a safe space to explore new healing potential within my own mind-body. I felt refreshed, restored and deeply resourced in a way that allowed me to sustain a feeling of well-being even after our time together. I am appreciative that Nicole is an attuned healing practitioner who welcomed the challenges of my everyday living experience and helped me find ways to become more resilient.”

Rev. Emily Howard

Pastor and Mental Health Advocate

“Nicole’s strategic work in helping our organization build a new staff and core values set the groundwork for who we have become and are becoming. I am grateful for the gentle and wise ways in which she challenged me as a leader and our organization as a whole.”

Rev. Dr. Chad Abbott

Conference Minister, Indiana-Kentucky Conference UCC

Become a part of the
burnout coaching community

You don’t have to feel burned out any more. Join the free online community and get simple, actionable tips in my “Create a Burnout Proof Life” mini course.