Month: August 2009

Battling Time

Yesterday, I had a great opportunity to talk with youth, young adults and youth leaders from three United Church of Christ churches in the Sioux City area. During this informal conversation, we raised many issues and ideas related to youth ministry. As always, the...

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Is this the end of media as we know it?

True fact: I haven’t subscribed to an actual print newspaper for about a decade.Another true fact: I spent my first career as a print journalist.I know, these two facts seem oxymoronic. But, the truth is that I strongly believe in the importance of good journalism in...

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Answering the Call

I was a basket case the day of my own ordination into ministry in the United Church of Christ five years ago. I was stressed about whether or not everyone would show up. I was stressed about making my visiting family comfortable. I was stressed about having enough...

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