Month: February 2010

From the Mountaintop to the Valley

After spending the weekend thinking about youth and young adult ministry, you’d think I would have wanted a break. But, I sat in worship last Sunday with CYYAM (Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries) members at Dover Congregational UCC in Westlake, Ohio and the...

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The location of youth ministry?

Location. Location. Location.These three words very succinctly named the most important things about real estate. We have no such pithy phrase about youth ministry in the church. Choices about the location of youth ministry have had an enormous impact on the numbers...

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Putting myself out of a job

Sometime late last summer, I decided to hold an informal retreat for young adults. I thought late December might be a better time because of vacations and school breaks. Despite what I thought would be good timing, not enough people signed up for the event and it was...

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