Month: October 2010

Reclaiming Institutions

“I believe in God. I just don’t like ‘institutional religion’”?How many times have I heard (and said) the aforementioned phrase? Too many to count. I spent my late teens and early 20s swearing off institutional religion; still, I later found myself yearning for a...

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Doubt in a cheese sandwich

"Grilled Chesus," the burned afternoon snack turned divine revelation on last week's episode of Glee is now ranking as one of my favorite pop culture Jesus icons along with "Buddy Christ" from the movie Dogma and the "Missionary: Impossible" episode of The Simpsons in...

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Teaching Faith?

In this month's issue of Yoga Journal magazine, several articles discussed the importance of practicing yoga with your children. The cover story, entitled "Teach your Children Well," by Shannon Sexton describes how parents should do their yoga practice out in the open...

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