Month: January 2011

Peacemaking, Not Keeping the Peace

I've had a lot of conversations about bullying lately. I talked to some young people who told stories of being called names because they are perceived as "different." They've even been pushed into lockers on occasion. They tell stories of witnessing fights between...

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Doing the Audacious

As I listened to the media discussion of divisive political speech following the tragic shootings involving Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, her staffers and bystanders in Tucson, AZ, I kept recalling a small part of an interview I heard on NPR’s Speaking of Faith show more...

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Sermon: Unnamed Leaders

I'm 'retiring' this sermon based on Acts 23: 12-22 I've been using on the road for a little while. Enjoy!It was a beautiful fall afternoon on the campus of Park University in Parkville, Missouri. A group of adults and youth from several UCC conferences sat around a...

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