Month: April 2011

Easter Sermon: In Between Fear and Joy

For those who wanted to read my Easter sermon. Enjoy!Text: Matthew 28:1-10For people who have lived through wars or immense natural disasters or extreme poverty, fear is much different from what I’ve ever experienced. Having grown up in a quiet neighborhood in Omaha,...

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From Fear to Joy

What compels us to move through fear toward joy?While I contemplated this question this week, I did what modern people do when wrangling with life’s more weighty questions -- I asked my Facebook friends what they thought. Answers were varied … and profound. One person...

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‘Dying’ in Transformation

I've been telling people that I'm really feeling spring this year. Now, I'm not a winter person, so I always welcome spring -- the warmer air, the new growth on trees and flowers, the cleansing rain. This year, however, I really feel both the hope and promise and the...

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