Month: May 2011

Leadership in the Lows

Anxiety was thick in the air as we gathered beneath the 40-foot high ropes course at Camp Emmaus, part of Pathways Outdoor Ministries. With the 40-foot high structure looming in the background, we read Psalm 46 and sang songs reminding us of God’s steady presence in...

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Leadership in an Anxious World

The need for leadership came in sharp relief when the group of 13 youth workers was given a 5/16” tent pole and told that the whole group, without anyone losing contact with the pole, had to get it to the ground. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. With about 13 people...

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The Danger of Low Expectations

In a recent blog post from author and researcher George Barna, he talks about how The Barna Group’s research has revealed that Christians lack strong commitment to ongoing spiritual growth. Writing from the perspective of Evangelical Christianity, Barna said that the...

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