My 2019 was full of wandering. More wandering than I’ve done in quite a while.

The wandering isn’t really a bad thing: When I began my advanced yoga teacher training nearly two years ago, I didn’t know why I was doing it or how I was going to use it. I just felt generally called to combine my long-time yoga practice with the work I was doing with the church and its leaders in maneuvering change.

Eighteen months or so into my training, I still wasn’t clear. On the advice of one of my teachers, I did a meditation called a contemplation meditation. One that invited me to drop the question, “What’s Next?” into my mind, my heart and my soul.

The answer was surprising.

“Healer” is what most often bubbled to the surface at nearly all the phases of the meditation.

“I don’t see myself as a healer,” I said to myself repeatedly. An innovator. Yes. An administrator. For sure. Teacher. Absolutely. But, not a healer. Yet the word continued to bubble to the surface.

Weeks into the meditation — including allowing myself to feel into the frustration and pain I felt in the unhealthy work cultures in which I had worked — the calling finally clicked: I have to help heal people before they can move into change. Mindfulness practices have healed me — both the scars of my past and the wounds of my present — for more than a decade. They have been my life preserver when I thought for sure I would drown. Now I need to pass them on so that others may be revived, renewed and ready to face change with calm, creativity and boldness.

I don’t much go for New Year resolutions, but this year I have a vision and a plan: I envision a world that is well-rested, calm, healthy and able to maneuver change with creativity, resilience and purpose. That is my calling.

I can help you find your calling and purpose using mindfulness. And, I’m not afraid to shamelessly self-promote it!

Mindfulness will help start-up businesses or non-profits, health and human service agencies, religious organizations and educational institutions realize their purpose and maneuver change with resilience and creativity.

Here’s what I do:

Self-Care Coaching. My signature coaching style is a mash-up of leadership coaching and yoga/mediation private sessions. You can learn new yoga, pranayama (breath), and meditation for your own practice and then integrate them into your life and work. I can work with individuals or groups.

Consulting. Mindfulness practices will help existing organizations envision a renewed sense of purpose or help launching start-ups articulate and implement their vision and respond to growth. During facilitated visioning sessions, we will incorporate mindfulness practices that will foster a sense of calm for the whole team as you move through change.

Training. Learn how you and your business or organization can use mindfulness to form a healthy, creative and resilient culture. Trainings can be done in-person or online. I will even be offering seasonal online retreats that help you improve your personal mindfulness practices and gain clarity about your sense of purpose.

End of shameless self-promotion. Until Next Time.