Be a Time Boss: Get Less Done

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Antiracism, Change Leadership, Self Care, Time Management | 0 comments

When I was young, I must have thought time was infinite.

I mean – time is infinite in the grand scheme of the universe – but my ability to use the time I have available is very finite.

When I was young, I would say yes to every activity and commitment that I wanted to do (which were MANY) and try to do them all. When I was in graduate school in my late 20s, I spent the first 18 months working a full-time job and a part-time job, took six classes a year, and still occasionally had time to spend with my friends.

How in the hell did I do that?

I probably got far less sleep than I do now. I remember that too many class reading assignments were skimmed or not read at all. I’m sure none of these things were done as well as they could have been. I spent absolutely no time just by myself resting or moving my body in nurturing ways.

Good thing for me, at my graduate school, Chicago Theological Seminary, we talked quite a bit about nurturing ourselves so that we could be the best versions of the spiritual/religious leaders we were called to be. That conversation eventually prompted me to take a yoga class after graduation. I’ve never looked back, and now I’m a practitioner and teacher and have used that in developing myself and others into leaders for nearly 20 years.

Through this 17-year (and still counting) mindfulness evolution, I have a more realistic outlook on what I can and need to get done. I still have a tendency to take on too many things, but I’m also much more likely to stop, take time for rest, do some yoga and meditation, take a walk, etc.

Being the boss of your time is not about getting the most things done so that you can be successful. The measures of success are set by racist, patriarchal, capitalist standards of our culture that clearly do not serve us well. It’s about using your limited time to take care of yourself and do what matters most to you. It’s about balancing your own needs with the needs of those around you, even your family.

To empower you establish a better relationships with time, I’m offering Become a Time Boss 2.0 retreat on May 3-10, so that you can learn to name your priorities, manage your time humanely, and do more of what matters most for you, including self-care, learning meditation, cooking good meals, taking walks or just sitting and staring out the window. Please click here and sign up for the discount pre-sale list. Pre-sale will happen on April 25 only and will save more than 50%. You can also get a free sample of the Become a Time Boss Priorities Journal and Self-Care Reflection Tool.


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