The other day, I put my car key fob in a sweatshirt pocket and washed it with the laundry. Fortunately, the fob still worked after I dried it out and put in a new battery.

The next day, I went to the grocery store only to discover that I left my wallet at home. The grocery store staff person was nice enough to set my items aside until I returned with my debit card.

Then that same day, I dropped a plastic bag of dried lentils, splitting the bag and shooting the tiny legumes all over the kitchen floor. I shouted many, many expletives into the air while sweeping them up. If my neighbors heard me, they are now thinking, “Our neighbor lady sure does like the “F-word.” (It is kinda true.)

I make plenty of mistakes, but this was excessive for a 48-hour period.

Here’s what it means: I’m exhausted. Really, really exhausted.

I bet you are, too.

How much longer can we deny how bone-tired we are before finally take the time we need?

We were already exhausted when the universe threw us into a pandemic, anti-racist protests, political unrest and now war. The stress of all that shifted our “vibe,” according to the “It’s Been a Minute” podcast I heard on National Public Radio last week.

The podcast hosts speculated that the “vibe” has changed because our circumstances in the West have drastically changed. Life is less comfortable and easy. We are more aware of our mortality. We likely are more worried about those whom we care about. We are less patient with stupid stuff, which may be spurring us to quit our jobs, break up with significant others, or take up yet another new hobby.

What we all really need is to shift fully into this new vibe with more rest, and less work. Not just a nap or a good night’s sleep (though that would be good, too). We need deep, trauma-sensitive practices that heal our nervous systems from the incredible stress and strain of the past two years. Good thing I know a few of those.

My yoga and meditation practices have helped me keep anxiety, depression and stress at bay (like when I did deep breathing while I was rushing back to get my wallet during the grocery-store debacle.) Those practices not only help in the moment – they can help you and me heal over the long haul.

This is now the work of our lifetime. To learn how to care for ourselves in this stress, and move forward resiliently, creatively and with purpose. This is just the work I feel called to.

Here are some ways you can join me for this deep healing:

Monday, April 18, 1-3 p.m., is my Easter Release restorative yoga and meditation class. The timing of this class has my Christian pastor friends in mind. (They will have just gone through their own exhausting season, moving through Holy Week and Easter Sunday. This is basically like running back-to-back marathons in the clergy world.) But, anyone who needs some deep relaxation, healing and restoration is welcome to join in! Register now. Prices range from $20-$49.

These yoga sessions are only one part of the healing that can happen with the packages of services included in my Explorer and Trailblazer memberships. These services and the Defy the Trend Community will give you the support you need for the whole year, not just a day. Check them out!