A fantastic group assembled for my Summer Solstice Restorative Yoga Celebration last week. And we continued that remarkable energy in our last session of the Liberation Series during the Wednesday yoga class. I’m seriously still doing a happy dance! 🙂💃🏽

MY ENERGY 💡 is restored, and I was leading it!

I cannot contain what we experienced, on the longest day of the year, so I want to share a reflection exercise from the beginning of both sessions.

📓 Grab paper or a journal and find a comfortable seat on a chair or the floor. Start with a few rounds of mountain breath, then journal on the first question. Do a few more rounds of mountain breath (to get you out of your head) and then reflect on the next question. Repeat until you have worked through these questions: 

• What do I need to release, or be liberated from?

• What is keeping me from letting go?

• How would I benefit from letting go?

• My intention for this practice (or how I move forward) is …

That’s all for this week. Stop reading this blog and go and practice. Or at least pause long enough to save 20-30 minutes on your calendar to do the practice later. 

THEN email me to tell me how it went. If you email me, I’ll give you the option of getting the ▶️ recordings of both these classes for free, IF you truly plan on using them rather than letting them sit in your digital graveyard.