It’s been about a year since I launched the Defy the Trend community.

I had a strong sense of purpose, but not yet a clarity of vision.

The purpose was to gather as many people as possible into a vibrant, growing community committed to turning their lives and the world upside down with radical rest. That meant I needed to find the people who wanted to smash the patriarchy and take care of themselves while doing it.

You and a lot of other teachers, leaders and speakers – especially women of color who now grace my social media feed – have taught me that resting, making our lives about more than just work, is the work of smashing the racist patriarchy.

You taught me that you desperately want to make your schedule one that is life-giving rather than life-sucking. Even with that strong intention, changing the habits that contribute to that burnout is even more daunting than continuing to do what you’ve always been doing.

The change we are seeking to make in ourselves and in the world is wildly countercultural. That’s why it’s so damn hard.

I launched my Time Boss online retreat to empower you to name and say yes to the things that matter most to you, especially yourself.

I mean, how often do you get praised for overworking vs. the time you take for rest? I bet a lot more praise heaps onto you when you do the former.

I don’t know all the answers to this huge cultural problem, but I do know one thing: 

We MUST do it in community to lend one another the applause we deserve when take a nap, say no to yet another obligation, or change jobs so that we can live more of a life.

So in this coming year, I want the vibrant, growing Defy the Trend community to become even more of an oasis of radical rest and grace-filled support.

Here are the things I’m considering amping up and/or adding to the community offerings:

  • Quarterly planning sessions to empower you to live your priorities, not theirs.
  • Monthly group coaching with learning opportunities that truly help you prevent burnout.
  • Weekly restorative yoga classes, plus quarterly long restorative yoga sessions for deeper renewal.
  • A vibrant online community for support, guidance, and challenge. I mean, where else are you going to go when you should say no, but are desperately tempted to say yes to another overwhelming obligation?
  • Virtual co-working space in which we take regular, intentional breaks together.
  • Retreats and courses that enhance your patriarchy-smashing abilities for living your life and leading others courageously.
  • Gatherings for fun and laughter like group movie watches, games that inspire you to stay on track, and book discussions that help you grow.

Are you inspired by this? How much would you invest in a community like this that shakes its fist against the trends of burnout, isolation and aimlessness?

Get a sample of the community as part of my Birthday Month of Rest #TakeaBreakChallenge:

Restorative yoga class any Wednesday in August at 8:30 a.m. EDT, drop in for a donation only.

Big Ol’ Radical Planning Session, Aug. 20, 11 a.m – 2:30 p.m. EDT, so that you can plan your fall in a restful and purposeful way