For the last two years, I’ve hosted a New Year’s Eve Restorative Yoga Celebration. As part of that reflective celebration, I invited people to choose a word or phrase to guide their intention for the year. This past year, I chose the word “streamline” for myself.

My understanding of what that means in my life has certainly evolved over the first three-quarters of 2022. I imagined that it would have something to do with gaining efficiencies in how I accomplish tasks for my business. I’ve done that. I now have regular planning sessions to map out my goals for services and product offerings. By planning, I have definitely eliminated some wasted time. I often find simpler, easier ways to do things by planning. Or I sometimes toss plans out entirely because I know I won’t be able to do everything I want to do well.

Streamlining also means spending fewer hours in the day working. I’ve begun shutting down my computer in the evening so I’m not tempted to just hop back on and work when I’m trying to relax. I’ve started taking more fitness classes thanks to my friends at Hip Circle Empowerment Center, who offer everything online! I’ve made more time for walks and eating better food. On the days when I’m “streamlined” in this way, I sleep better and get more done, often in less time than I originally imagined.

I’m sure with three more months left in the year, I’ll come to understand my intention in even more ways.

Did you set an intention for 2022? Have you reflected on it in a while?

If not, let me help you with this practice:

Grab some paper, pen, pencils or anything else you’d like to write/draw with.

Find a comfortable seat in a place where you can write.

If none of the above is available, feel free to reflect mentally.

Take a few deep, slow breaths, and then journal on these questions:

  • What do you want to celebrate about the past season in life?
  • What do you want to release?
  • How might you alter or revise your intention?

Pause after each question to review what you’ve written or drawn, circling or underlining things that seem to be forming a theme.

This is just a simple example of the kind of activities in my Defy the Trend community that help you stay on track. Restorative yoga classes, webinars, regular planning sessions and more help you (and me) stay intentional all year long.

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