Restorative yoga and meditation can help you ease stress to prevent or reduce burnout, but you may think, “I’m not flexible enough for yoga,” or “My mind is too scattered for meditation.”

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard those comments.

Restorative yoga and meditation IS for you. There is no “right” pose. No one’s mind is calm and clear all the time. Yoga IS for every body. Meditation is for every mind. I believe everyone can find at least one entry into this diverse practice. That’s why I teach these practices in coaching sessions and include restorative yoga classes in my coaching community.

I strongly recommend the use of props to help your body become more comfortable in meditation or to help you access a pose you thought impossible for your body.

Here are the five yoga props I use myself and recommend the most for those who want an accessible and comfortable home yoga practice.

Use a bolster for restorative yoga*

A paisley rectangular shaped yoga bolster for starting a home yoga practice for beginners.

When a yoga teacher refers to a bolster, this is most often what they mean. This long, rectangular cushion can help you sit more comfortably on the floor during meditation or seated movement. You can use it for extra height under the knees while lying on your back. Or you can support the upper body in a restorative yoga pose. You can even use it as a prop to help you get into some of those seemingly impossible arm balances. This is probably the prop I use most in my personal home practice and teaching.

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Meditation cushion for wider hips*

The right meditation cushion can really make or break your ability to stay in the moment in meditation. For years, my hips felt terrible when I sat on the floor. Then I learned that sitting on the right cushion for my proportions helped support my lower back and create ease for my tight outer hips. I was overjoyed when I found this meditation cushion that is comfortable enough for wider hips. This prop also works well for support under the sacrum when doing postures like supported bridge pose or legs up the wall. Or sometimes I use it as a foot rest because it’s so comfy!

Learn more/order Zafu Meditation Cushion from Bean Products.

Red zafu meditation cushion which is one of Nicole's recommended props for starting a home yoga practice for beginners.

A yoga strap for short limbs and tight hamstrings*

A yoga strap for extending the arms in an asana (movement) practice. Great for starting a home yoga practice for beginners.

A staple in most yoga classes and home practices, a yoga strap is usually used to make your arms longer when you’re grabbing for your foot, bringing your hands together around your back or reaching to bind the hands in any posture. They are especially useful for people who have shorter arms as compared to their torso or, if your legs are long and hamstrings tight, when grabbing for a foot. They also travel really easily if you want to keep up a practice while on the road.

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Yoga blocks so you can reach the ground*

Yoga blocks are another yoga class staple that can be used in standing poses like triangle pose that invite you to reach for the ground while in wide-legged poses. You can use them to support the knees when in a cross-legged position. Or you can sit on them when in a squat to protect the knees.

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A foam yoga block that is great for starting a home yoga practice for beginners.

Yoga blankets heighten your hips*

A woven white and purple yoga blanket that is a great starter prop for starting a home yoga practice for beginners.

These firm blankets can be used in a myriad of ways, such as folded under your hips in seated poses or for extra height in a restorative pose, rolled under the shoulders for a heart-opener or spread over you to cover up and stay warm in a resting pose.

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* I am an affiliate for Hugger Mugger and Bean Products, which makes these props. I get a small commission if you buy them using these links. I’m only an affiliate for companies for which I’ve used personally and that share my values. I tell you this because I value honesty and transparency.