Beat burnout with the Defy the Trend community where you:

  • Reduce stress and overwhelm by making a schedule 🗓️ based on what matters to you, not everyone else;
  • Love yourself 💜 and believe that you are worthy of rest;
  • Begin to truly rest by listening 👂🏻 to your amazing, wise body.

We do all of that and more ☝️ using group coaching, time management and restorative yoga.

Nicole a fat, white-bodied, middle-aged cis woman swinging on a swing in a park, smiling, her feet stretched toward the camera.

What you get for free

  • “What is your burnout mindset?” FULL coaching session recording
  • Restorative yoga class recording curated just for you!
  • Inspiring weekly email newsletter
  • Weekly virtual coworking session
  • Access to the private online community

You get everything in the free membership PLUS 👇 for $75/month:

  • Monthly group coaching session (live + replay)
  • Weekly restorative yoga/meditation class (live + replay)
  • A 30-minute “getting started” coaching call
  • Access to the FULL online library of past coaching sessions and yoga classes

P.S. This is a values-aligned, intersectional feminist community and business. We are always striving to walk the talk and learn from mistakes when we mess up.

P.P.S. If you join, you’re not making a lifelong commitment. Cancel anytime. I swear I make the button easy to find.

P.P.P.S. Have questions? 🤔 Yay! 😃 I’m an extrovert who works alone at home. I looooooove to get your emails or chat with you. (The emails and chats are free.) Send me a message below or schedule a 30-minute free curiosity call.

Gotta love a contact form ...

This extrovert and her army of staff (not really, it’s just me) is ready to answer your message! I answer as quickly as possible because I want you to do less in order to thrive. But, I also value my own rest and time away from a screen. (I mean, what kind of burnout coach would I be if I didn’t practice what I preach?!?) I aim to respond in 3-5 days. Thank you!

Nicole a fat, white-bodied cis woman sitting near her laptop that's sitting on a media center in her living room. Lots of books and nicknacks surround her. She's smiling at the camera.

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