Coaching to Rely on

You are a change agent, and that means getting a lot of resistance from those who are on Team “The Way It’s Always Been.”

It’s exhausting. You may even feel:

  • you have no more empathy, even for those you advocate for.
  • emotionally exhausted, like you have nothing more to give.
  • like nothing you do actually makes a difference.

The feelings of exhaustion are real, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

It is possible to live a life based on your priorities.

It is possible to get enough rest. It is possible to spend time on the relationships and work that matter most to you.

The problem:

There’s never enough time to figure out what your priorities are, leaving you distracted and burned out.

The solution:

Regular group and individual coaching supports you as a change agent while you set priorities, learn to say no, and make time for more rest.

Group Coaching

Community Care group coaching is the heartbeat of the Defy the Trend Community. I lead us through a check-in, a short mindfulness practice, a presentation on the month’s topics and then a discussion. We always conclude by setting goals that help you prioritize yourself. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. We come back next month, talk about how we did with our goal, change, modify or keep the goal and get going again. And there’s no shaming here if you forgot about your goal or had something happen that completely blew your schedule up.

We are all about grace here.

Upcoming Group Coaching Topics

Live group coaching sessions as well as a library of recorded past sessions are is included in the paid membership of the Defy the Trend Community. As a free member, you get the FULL recording and guidebook for the popular, “The Burnout Mindset: How to prevent and overcome it.”

Working alongside one another, we each grow more courageous, resilient, and ready for the days ahead.

-Nicole Havelka

A light-brown skinned hand resting on a denim-clad knee reflectively. In front of them is several bright yellow sticky notes and a teal marker.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is wonderful for you if you need added support for getting hold of a chaotic schedule, want specific instruction in integrating mindfulness practices into your life and work, or struggle with knowing HOW you even rest to recover from burnout. You might also find yourself at a pivot point: You are grieving a big loss, you are changing jobs or starting a new initiative, or figuring out your next steps in a career shift.

I can guide you through those tough transitions.

Think of one-on-one coaching with me as your best friend giving you honest yet informed opinions, based on decades of experience and supported by mindfulness. I will not only give you good career advice but also watch your favorite “guilty pleasure” movie with you and tell you when you have spinach in your teeth.

Coaching includes a combination of:

  • Mindfulness practices
  • Powerful questions that help you reframe your challenges
  • Priority and goal setting

I onboard new individual coaching clients every fall and spring. Paid Defy the Trend members get the first opportunity to get on my schedule with 6- or 12- session coaching packages for the coming season. (Psssst … they get a special rate, too.)

If my schedule hasn’t been filled after they get a chance to hop on, then I open my calendar to everyone by putting out the word to my email list and social media following. If there is space on my calendar, I may be able to add an individual client at another time of the year. Please email to ask about availability or with any other questions you might have.

The best way to get on my calendar is by being part of the Defy the Trend Community. Get started with the (free) Seeker Package and be one of the first ones to know when the community packages open up!