Give burnout the middle finger, and embrace a more restful life


You have to choose to do less first

Have you been waiting for a “slower” season to get the rest you need?

That slower season never actually arrives, and you roll into the next hyper-busy season.

And you don’t get the rest you really want.

(Trust me, I’ve been there. Recently.)

⏸️ Let’s hit the pause button together and create your restful, focused life.

Two white-bodied queer people in an outdoor setting surrounded trees, Each is holding a child -- one is an infant, the other is a toddler.

Exhaustion isn’t your fault. It’s toxic capitalism.

Let’s reject those habits that caused your burnout mindset in the first place: 


Toxic capitalism celebrates your exhaustion.

👉 Let’s give out ⭐️s for rest instead.

Toxic capitalism says that you must overwork to earn value. 

👉 Let’s 🎉 celebrate your worthiness to rest, just for being YOU.

Toxic capitalism pushes you to produce like a machine.

👉 Let’s listen to our bodies and honor our need for rest 😴.

A white person laying in a white hammock surrounded by trees, arms splayed out to the sides.
Nicole Havelka, founder of Defy the Trend community, sitting the in grass with a dark green and flowered tank dress on, smiling.

If I can quit burnout, so can you

Three things saved me from burnout that I’m sharing with you

Hi, I’m Nicole Havelka, the founder of the Defy the Trend coaching community.

I really like to make change — a lot of it. People hire me for this quality.

That’s great for getting hired, but not so great for the long haul.

The pushback always seemed to start when I gave them the change they said they wanted.

I loved what I was doing, but I overextended myself and nearly burned out. I learned early on that I needed to take care of myself to survive and even thrive in these stressful situations.

Below are practices that helped me thrive and they are all here for you in the Defy the Trend community. 👇

How you do less in order to THRIVE in the Defy the Trend community:

Group Coaching

Hit the pause button each month to develop the skills you need to lead your burnout-proof life.

Small graphic of the face of a clock with the hands showing noon.

Time Management

Live by your priorities, not theirs. Quarterly and annual planning sessions help you focus on what truly matters.

Rest Practices

Teach your body to rest with tried-and-true practices that honor all bodies and minds. (All means ALL!)

Say good-bye to burnout

Say hello to rejuvenation

Ease the pressure you feel to always “power through” your overbooked calendar.

Let’s face it: You’re probably doing that to make other people happy.

Start by making yourself happy with an accessible online community where you:

  • Reduce stress and overwhelm by making a schedule 🗓️ based on what matters to you, not everyone else.

  • Love yourself and believe that you are worthy of rest.

  • Begin to truly rest by listening 👂🏻 to your extraordinary mind and body.

We do all of that ☝️ and more using group coaching, time management, and restorative yoga.

Nicole a fat, white-bodied, middle-aged cis woman swinging on a swing in a park, smiling, her feet stretched toward the camera.

What you get for free

  • “What is your burnout mindset?” FULL coaching session recording
  • Designing a rest practice mini coaching session
  • Time Boss weekly priorities journal
  • Weekly virtual coworking session
  • Access to the private online community

You get everything in the free membership PLUS for $75/month:

  • Monthly group coaching session (live + replay)
  • Weekly restorative yoga/meditation class (live + replay)
  • A 30-minute “getting started” coaching call
  • Access to the FULL coaching and yoga class library
  • 20% off individual coaching packages

Take it from those who are beating burnout

“Before starting with Defy the Trend, I had a lot of things that were hanging over my head as things I thought I should be doing. Nicole’s group coaching and planning sessions helped me discern what I really needed to do and then actually put those things on the calendar. This year has been very different from past ones as I had intentions set for each month. Fewer things are catching me by surprise, and I feel more grounded.”

Rev. Beth Gedert

Pastor and toddler mom

“I am a mom of three, spouse to one, and multi-pet owner. I also work a full-time job and I was just elected to my local school board. The ability to be the human that I desire to be, in all these different roles, would not be possible without taking time for myself, and yet for my entire life I have never made taking time for myself a priority. I have found so much value in committing to each of these practices, and purchasing a membership has helped to hold me accountable to my self-care.”

Jenn Ringgold

Church and Youth Worker, School Board Member

“I was new in a professional role as we worked together, and Nicole helped me express my talents and acclimate to my role. The richness of her spiritual practice and mindfulness practice offerings made the membership an extraordinary opportunity to grow in my ability to set boundaries around my work even as I wanted to excel in my new role. I am grateful.”

Rev. Emily Howard

Pastor, mental health advocate

Burnout is not always caused by how much you do

But by how you are doing it

I make no apologies for being a values-aligned, intersectional feminist anti-burnout coaching community. 

When I’m true to my values, I have abundant energy for doing what I do best. I actively work at being anti-racist and feminist, to combat homophobia and transphobia, and to run an anti-capitalist business. 

I believe rest is a human right, and I push back against society’s toxic burnout culture by honoring each person, their identity, their learning style, their vulnerabilities, and their opinions. 

I teach yoga classes that truly welcome every body and whole-heartely reject diet culture.

I ask everyone in this community to do the same.

And if we don’t live up to it, just tell me. Together, we’ll fix it.

A headshot of Nicole smiling and facing left.

Nicole Havelka

Be supported by a community that honors and respects ALL of who you are. No more leaving parts of yourself at the door.

Defy the Trend burnout coaching community values

Feet up on sofa with a green mug


You are worthy of rest simply for being you. No justification necessary.

Two dark-skinned women hugging.


This is a community where we support each other while we create this counter-cultural rest movement.

Four people outside in nature smiling, looking like their real selves.


We show up as our whole, messy, and imperfect selves. No need to waste energy hiding who you are.

A person waving at four people on a computer screen during a video conference.


Nothing beats being supported and transformed in intentionally diverse communities that affirms your inherent value.

Five people of different ages and races sitting at a table learning from each other.


We ask questions rather than turn to judgment. Learning and growing are lifelong endeavors.

One last thing …

Are you worried that this is one of those things designed to charge your card forever and ever?

That’s a legit concern. I hate when I have to click through dozens of pages to finally find the cancel button. (And then sometimes it doesn’t even work. 😠)

When you start, you get a welcome packet from me that includes simple instructions on how to get access to the community and your new anti-burnout resources, including how to cancel.

Of course, I hope you stick with us, but it doesn’t have to be a lifelong commitment. You can cancel anytime.

I’m here to end your burnout, not add to it.

Smiling Nicole Havelka with long purple hair, black sweater and gold necklace.