Defy the Trend Anti-Burnout Coaching Community

Radicals who rest and resist burnout

The Defy the Trend monthly anti-burnout group coaching is full of radicals just like you who are learning how to make time for rest by unlearning the habits from a lifetime of being immersed the racist, patriarchal and toxic capitalist culture that tells you that working, doing, producing – the habits that lead to burnout – is the only way you have any value. You will begin listening to your body when it tells you to rest. No more saying, “I will rest as soon as I finish _____.” You’ll stop your need to respond to every ding on your phone like it’s a 911 call. You’ll resist the people pleaser in you who says yes even when your body desperately want to say no. Join the ultimate protest by embracing a lifestyle of radical rest.

Make more time for rest! The Defy the Trend ANTI-burnout coaching community is OPEN Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 ONLY.

Learn to focus on what’s important — including YOU. If you join the FREE community before Aug. 31,  you’ll get in on this fall’s series of burnout-busting coaching sessions. And, as always you’ll also get a special package of FREE resources with the Seeker membership that will help you kick your burnout mindset: an inspiring weekly newsletter, recorded guided meditations, monthly mini coaching sessions and virtual coworking space, and access to an online community that cheers you on when you take time for rest. The rest of the world does NOT do that, I promise! 👈  Check out the free anti-burnout membership to see what it’s like and get in on this exclusive summer offer. 👇

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Resist burnout, join a community of radical rest-ers

Defy the Trend members are the kind of people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world – activists, artists, spiritual and religious leaders, social workers and therapists, teachers and students, executives and managers, parents, partners and spouses – and they now understand that the change they want to see in the world begins with themselves.

If you’re someone who is this kind of crazy ☝️, you’ve found your people! 

A bunch of burned out radicals are not going to change toxic systems. But, you will change them if you refuse to participate in that toxic nonsense in the first place. If you resist habits of overwork and the burnout mindsets that support them, the change you see in yourself – a well-rested, less overwhelmed version of yourself – will spread to your family, your friends, your community and beyond. Because they will want to be YOU.

Rest isn’t just a nice thing you do when you can – rest will actually change the world!

At Defy the Trend, we go a lot deeper than those “5 things you can do to recover from burnout,” articles and posts you see all over social media. Our monthly online group coaching session empowers you to change the things that cause your burnout in the first place – your burnout mindsets including your habits of overwork, people pleasing, toxic achievement and anything else that society tells you will lead to success, but is actually preventing you from living your fullest, most amazing life. We help you realize those mindsets and habits are NOT your fault. Overworking is ingrained in you from the time your mom first told your little toddler legs to “pick up the pace” in the grocery store or when napping ceased to be a regular thing in elementary school.

Nicole, a white bodied fat woman resting her head on a pillow, eyes closed for an afternoon nap to beat burnout.

Here’s the anti-burnout group coaching sessions on deck for 2023 and early 2024:

  • September 21 – Burnout-busting Quarterly Planning Session
  • October 19 – Learning to say no
  • November 16 – Releasing the need to be needed
  • December 14 – Annual Planning + Celebrating the YEAR
  • January 18 – Starting your mindful journaling practice

Our live coaching session via Zoom (usually the third Thursday of each month at 1 p.m. ET) are guided by Nicole and help you to reflect on those deeper habits fueling your burnout and always lead you into creating a sustainable schedule that prioritizes rest. At the end of each session, the Zoom room stays open for 30 more minutes of coworking time so you can create your calendar for the month.

Can’t make the burnout-busting session live? No problem! You can participate later by using the subtitled video recording and companion guidebook to delve deeper into empowering monthly topics that help you build up your time management skills, help you reflect on what’s important and learn more about why you agree to your crazy, overworked schedule in the first place. Plus, as soon as you join, you get access to all the past coaching sessions!

Do you have suggestions of topics that will help you resist burnout? This is a small, but growing movement of radical rest-ers so that means your suggestions matter. It’s easy to reach Nicole and add something to the list of coaching topics or ask her about this community.

Join the free community below to check us out or scroll a little further to see community membership options.

What burnout type are you? A sample coaching session

Sample this recent group coaching session to learn your burnout type and how to combat it so that you will have more time for rest.

The problem:

You are burned out, not because YOU failed, but because our culture has failed you.

The solution:

Defy the Trend group coaching liberates you from overwork and empowers you to make time for yourself.

Defy the trend

anti-burnout coaching

has three community



Seeker (Free)

  • “Create a Burnout Proof Life” 5-part mini course
  • Sampler pack of my favorite guided meditations for beginners
  • A free pass for one restorative yoga class (Wed. at 8:30 a.m. ET, or recording later)
  • Community Connections weekly email newsletter with tips and resources 
  • Limited access to the Defy the Trend Online Community
Hand holding compass
Hand holding compass


Explorer ($75/month; $900 yr)

Value: $110/month or $1,430/yr

  • Weekly 1-hour restorative yoga/meditation classes live via Zoom
  • Quarterly restorative yoga/meditation tune-ups (2 hours) live via Zoom
  • Library of 50+ recorded yoga classes (all classes above recorded and archived)
  • Access to a members-only library of audio and video guided practices, including: Stress Relief Bundle, Good Sleep Kit, Mindful Meeting Starters, 2-hour yoga/meditation restorative practices
  • Community Care Group Coaching sessions (60 minutes) each month
  • First crack at my one-on-one coaching calendar in six- or twelve-session packages at $120/session (20% discount), offered every fall and spring.
  • Community Connections weekly email newsletter with tips and resources
  • “Create a Burnout Proof Life” 5-part mini course
  • Full access to the Defy the Trend Online Community


Trailblazer ($120/month; $1440 yr)

Value: $205/month; $2,470/yr

  • Community Care Group Coaching sessions (60 minutes) each month
  • Weekly 1-hour restorative yoga/meditation classes live via Zoom
  • Quarterly restorative yoga/meditation tune-ups (2 hours) live via Zoom
  • Quarterly planning sessions so you can create a calendar that prioritizes your wellbeing and everything else that matters to you.
  • Library of 50+ recorded yoga classes (all classes above recorded and archived)
  • Access to a members-only library of audio and video guided practices including: Stress Relief Bundle, Good Sleep Kit, Mindful Meeting Starters, 2-hour yoga/meditation restorative practices
  • Learning library including: all mini courses, the Time Boss and Creating a Burnout-Proof Life online retreats, and any new courses and retreats created in the future
  • First crack at my one-on-one coaching calendar in six- or twelve-session packages at $120/session (20% discount) offered every fall and spring
  • Community Connections weekly email newsletter with tips and resources 
  • Full access to the Defy the Trend Online Community
person standing under a red rock formation

How will group coaching help me with burnout?

Planning Sessions

“I don’t have time,” was the reason I heard most when I asked people why they didn’t take time to rest. I developed these quarterly planning check-ins so you can gain clarity about what matters most to you and to schedule the time you need for yourself.


Restorative Yoga and Meditation Classes

Are you beyond exhausted? When you are, you might turn to a glass of wine, a bowl of popcorn and a TV show or movie. Let me be clear: I am in favor of those things. However, I have found that the deepest rest and the most healing comes through yoga and meditation practice. Thousands of years of practice and recent scientific research backs up how effective these practices are at alleviating the effects of stress and anxiety. That’s why I teach it: So I can pass its awesomeness onto you!


Courses and Retreats

Do you yearn for time to step away from the normal rhythms of life? Take time to go deeper into time management, creating a burnout-proof life, getting better sleep, starting a mindfulness practice, and more through my longer courses and retreats.

This supportive coaching community will help you make your well-being the priority it deserves to be.

What do members say about it…

“Nicole came into my life at a crucial turning point and one I didn’t think I could get through. Her guidance and mixture of coaching/meditation/view-reframing helped me once again see a path forward. [It was] 2020 so the path was messy and built by a two-year-old, but it’s a path! I look forward to continuing my journey with Nicole as I find my way through the dense woods to a higher viewpoint of clarity.”

Lindy Boustedt

Filmmaker, CEO of First Sight Productions

“I am a mom of three, spouse to one, and multi-pet owner. I also work a full-time job and I was just elected to my local school board. The ability to be the human that I desire to be, in all these different roles, would not be possible without taking time for myself, and yet for my entire life I have never made taking time for myself a priority. I have found so much value in committing to each of these practices, and purchasing a membership has helped to hold me accountable to my self-care.”

Jenn Ringgold

Church and Youth Worker, School Board Member

“Nicole’s ability to integrate spirituality and coaching is a gift to those of us hungry for meaning and purpose in everyday life and work. Her nuanced questions and supportive meditations helped me ground my daily life. I was new in a professional role as we worked together, and Nicole helped me express my talents and acclimate to my role. The richness of her spiritual practice and mindfulness practice offerings made the membership an extraordinary opportunity for which I am grateful.”

Rev. Emily Howard

Pastor and Mental Health Advocate

The heart of the Community

Defy the Trend pushes back against our toxic burnout culture by honoring each person, their identities, vulnerabilities and opinions.

Defy the Trend Values:

Diversity. We strive to welcome people of all races, ethnicities, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, body sizes and abilities, neurodiversity, and all other parts of ourselves that makes us the unique humans we are.

Welcome. We extend welcome to each other and presume welcome for ourselves.

Learning. We normalize failure so that we grow and learn.

Grace. We always offer ourselves and others grace as we learn and grow.

Vulnerability. We bring our whole selves, even our mistakes, stumbles and failures.

Commitment. We make a commitment to being part of online conversations and another two to three Defy the Trend activities per month.

Who is behind this community?

Here’s a little more about me and my passion for smashing the patriarchy that fuels the formation of this community.

I am Nicole Havelka.

For starters, here are some of my identities: I am a straight, single, cisgendered, white, U.S.-born, neurotypical, educated woman who has been smashing the patriarchy since 1991.

The most important thing about me: I cannot resist making change. It’s just who I am. (I am an Enneagram 8, “The Challenger,” for you Enneagram aficionados.)

Upside: I was hired often to be the change agent in organizations that desperately needed to move forward from their stale mission and declining programs.

Downside: People resisted the change and took it out on me. That is exhausting. I eventually reached burnout.

Fortunately, I learned very early that I needed to take care of myself to survive and even thrive in these stressful situations. I discovered yoga and meditation in 2004 and haven’t looked back since. I am now a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level and I have done specialized training in breath (pranayama), meditation – including iRest yoga nidra, restorative yoga, trauma-sensitive yoga. I am also a Reiki Master.

But wait, there’s more! After working as a journalist in my early career, I felt the wild and totally unexpected calling to ministry in the United Church of Christ in 2000. I went to Chicago Theological Seminary, graduated with a Masters of Divinity, and then was ordained in 2004. I worked with at-risk youth, then transitioned to and fell in love with coaching, training and supporting people who were exploring their own life purpose and calling. I constantly nagged them to take care of themselves, which is why I eventually came up with the idea of combining these three passions: Coaching and training, plus yoga and meditation, that get wrapped into this community.

Smiling Nicole Havelka with long purple hair, black sweater and gold necklace.