old Time Boss 2.0 Online Retreat

Managing your time better requires that you learn to say no. 👏

Underneath your reluctance to power down your devices, to leave email unanswered and to say no to one more volunteer commitment is a sense that you are unworthy of rest.

👉🏻 You are actually worthy of rest simply by virtue of being YOU.

This week-long online retreat will help you know your worthiness and manage time better.

Join Nicole, a leadership coach and mindful meditation teacher, in an online retreat that will help you name your self-care needs and priorities, manage your time for optimized work-life balance, and introduce you to mindfulness practices that will help bring your work and life back into balance.

You will learn much more than ‘5 tips to manage your time’ 🙄

  • Practices for naming your priorities
  • The cultural trappings that contribute to our sense of unworthiness
  • Skills for saying no to too many commitments and activities
  • Practices for setting boundaries around technology use, toxic people and our work lives.
  • Self-care and mindfulness practices that can be easily integrated into daily life

Make Time for What Matters 🗓

This retreat is for people like you who:

  • Do not feel worthy to take time for rest and self-care.
  • Want to better understand how our racist, patriarchal, capitalist culture conditions us for workaholism.
  • Have difficulty saying no to stale obligations, toxic people and requests to do just one more thing
  • Struggle to shut off your work devices so you can enjoy rest and play
  • Want to create a weekly calendar that balances your time between work, friends and family, and self-care
  • Are curious about how mindfulness practices can ease stress and transform your life
  • Desire connection with others struggling with the same challenges

I’m not some perfect guru who works 4 hours a week 🤪

The retreat will include:

  • Two live webinars on May 3 & 10, 2-3 p.m. EDT
  • Restorative yoga class on Wednesday, May 4, 8:30-9:30 a.m. EDT
  • Practice mindful, virtual co-working space on Thursday, May 5, 9-11 a.m. EDT
  • Two downloadable journal guidebooks
  • Daily content to delve deeper into the day’s topic
  • Daily mindfulness practice recordings (You can keep them for later use!)
  • Reflection and online discussion
  • A resource list for you to explore more deeply the defiant reasons behind the spiritual practices of rest
  • Prizes each day for completing challenges
  • UNLIMITED access to the ever-evolving content and Time Boss Community

Most importantly, learn to say NO ✋🏽

The daily practices and readings for this course are designed to take you no longer than an hour. (We will work on setting that time for yourself during our opening session.) You will have access to the materials, webinar recordings, and reflection and discussion for a year after the course starts!

Testimonial: Emily S. reduced her screen time by 20%