Smiling Nicole Havelka with long purple hair, black sweater and gold necklace.

Rev. Nicole M. Havelka, Business Consultant and Yogi

The most important thing to know about Nicole Havelka: her superpower is helping you navigate those important topics, tasks, and feelings that you might want to shy away from (but shouldn’t.) The second most important thing to know is that she ‘might’ bring up her favorite movies and tv shows while doing it, as stories unlock our ability to create understanding and connection.

Prior to launching her own consulting firm, Nicole Havelka’s inquisitive nature led her to an early career as a journalist, then to divinity school, which allowed her to guide meaningful explorations as an ordained member of the clergy with a focus on youth programs, digital solutions, effective communication, and recruitment and retention. At the core of it all is Nicole’s desire to speak truth, guide curiosity, and help individuals and organizations identify their mission and vision, their work to do in the world.

In support of the mindfulness practices she brings into her consulting, Nicole is a Reiki master, certified in iRest yoga nidra and other forms of meditation and breathwork, and has a background in youth-focused, restorative, and trauma-sensitive yoga. Nicole is a 500-hour level certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance. Nicole holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Knox College and a Master’s in Divinity from Chicago Theological Seminary. She currently lives in Columbus, OH.