Teach them a common language

Harness the power of diversity on your team

Generational diversity is an opportunity for innovation, not a barrier.

Let’s empower your team to bridge the generation gap and communicate fluently across all age groups.

With over two decades of expertise in team building, coaching, and training diverse groups, I’ll sculpt your team into a harmonious, imaginative, and values-driven collective. I can work with organizations in my home town of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois or any organizations virtually or by traveling to you.

Smiling Nicole Havelka with long purple hair, black sweater and gold necklace.

Your team is better together. Let's build them up.

An age-diverse team shot from above in a circle with their hands in the center.

Build Team

Say goodbye to awkward icebreakers and hello to conversations that truly resonate.


Forge connections rooted in shared values, aspirations, and a common understanding.
A brown-skinned cis woman wearing a taupe top and skirt stands in front of a multigenerational work team doing a training.


Experience training sessions that hone skills and foster connections across differences.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Let’s make it happen.

Ready to invest in your team, but don’t have a lot of planning time?

Your team deserves top-notch training and unforgettable team-building events, but as a busy leader, your time is scarce.

I’m here to help with customizable 1-2 hour workshops and webinars tailored to your needs. These are great for a lunch and learn event, a quarterly training program or networking event. If you’re looking to up your employee wellness game and incorporate relaxation and rejuvenation, I can design a restorative yoga class just for you.

My home base is Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. But, I can work with any organizations virtually or by traveling to you.

Choose from topics like:

The Burnout Mindset: Strategies for Prevention and Recovery
Time Boss: Time Management for Values-Driven Teams
Leading Teams with Purpose
Tackling Tough Conversations
Let’s make your next event one to remember—schedule it now.

Elevate Your Management Game

Exceptional managers are the architects of exceptional teams, but mastering these skills requires intention and effort—it's no magic trick.

A brown-skinned woman with a brown jacket and a white top holds a piece of paper and points at it with a pen while a light brown-skinned man with black glasses and a gray sweater looks at it.

Empower your managers to:

Cultivate leaders, not just employees
Align their efforts towards shared objectives
Strike a harmonious balance between empathy and efficiency
Embrace diverse perspectives without fear or defensiveness
Facilitate meetings that inspire and invigorate

Let's ignite a transformation in your management team—schedule a conversation today

Ignite your team’s potential

Empower them to overcome exhaustion and chaos

Unlock the secret to revitalizing your team’s energy and focus.
Discover the three transformative strategies that rescued me from burnout.
Explore the art of carving out space for rest, finding validation for it within a nurturing community and mastering the art of genuine, rejuvenating relaxation.
All the tools and wisdom that fueled my success are waiting for your team within the vibrant Defy the Trend burnout recovery community.
Learn how to make time for rest, get affirmed for it in a supportive community and learn how to really, truly rest.
Smiling Nicole Havelka with long purple hair, black sweater and gold necklace.

Support employee wellness with the Defy the Trend community:

Group Coaching

Hit the pause button each month to develop the skills you need to lead your burnout-proof life.

Small graphic of the face of a clock with the hands showing noon.

Time Management

Live by your priorities, not theirs. Quarterly and annual planning sessions help you focus on what truly matters.

Restorative Yoga

Teach your body to rest with tried-and-true practices that honor all bodies and minds. (All means ALL!)

Harness the power of our group coaching program, seamlessly integrated into your employee wellness initiatives, benefits package, or as a valuable resource for your employee assistance program.

Enroll as a free member of the community to try it out and schedule a consultation below to explore now to revolutionize the way your team approaches well-being.

Hi, I’m Nicole.

I dive into, not shy away from, the challenges that diverse workplaces bring.

I’ve walked into rooms with so many struggling groups. Newer people felt their energy and creativity squelched. More experienced persons felt that their wisdom and experience was disregarded.

By bringing people together first to listen to one another, then create a common set of values and goals, I helped them unleash the power of their differences to make an impact on their community and the world.

My home base is Champaign and Urbana, Illinois. But, I can work with any organizations virtually or by traveling to you.

Nicole sitting relaxed in a chair wearing a red dress, black jacket and rainbow painted nails.

I work with diverse organizations who walk their talk

 I partner with organizations who turn their values into action, where every member — staff, volunteers, clients, members, or customers—is treated with respect and dignity.

Three people packing boxes with canned goods and water bottles who appear to be volunteering.


Empower your paid and volunteer teams to connect deeply with their purpose and each other.
Several faces of both brown and white-skinned people sitting in a church pew.


Bridge the gap between long standing members and newcomers, fostering meaningful change together.

A brown-skinned cis woman wearing a taupe top and skirt stands in front of a multigenerational work team doing a training.


Unify your diverse team around shared values and common language, prioritizing people over profits.

What does it mean that you work with values-aligned organizations?

We are a good fit if …

  • You understand that healthy conflict can strengthen your team and organization.
  • Your team’s well-being takes precedence over financial gains or growth metrics.
  • Every voice is valued, and you’re committed to fostering an inclusive environment.
  • You’re ready to invest in your team’s growth through training and team-building events.
  • You plan ahead, allowing ample time to tailor events to your team’s unique needs.

We Are Not a Fit If…

  • You expect your team to suppress their viewpoints for the sake of conformity.
  • Hitting number goals take precedence over your team’s work-life balance and well-being.
  • You avoid tough conversations, especially about systemic issues like racism, sexism, and discrimination.
  • Team building and training initiatives are treated as an afterthought rather than a priority.
  • Last-minute planning leads to cookie-cutter events that fail to inspire or engage your team.

Here's the values I align myself with ...

Feet up on sofa with a green mug


You are worthy of rest simply for being you. No justification necessary.

Two dark-skinned women hugging.


This is a community where we support each other while we create this counter-cultural rest movement.

Four people outside in nature smiling, looking like their real selves.


We show up as our whole, messy, and imperfect selves. No need to waste energy hiding who you are.

A person waving at four people on a computer screen during a video conference.


Nothing beats being supported and transformed in intentionally diverse communities that affirms your inherent value.

Five people of different ages and races sitting at a table learning from each other.


We ask questions rather than turn to judgment. Learning and growing are lifelong endeavors.

I’m in! Would you check your calendar, Nicole?

Your time is precious. Send a quick note to see if I’m available for your team building, training or visioning event.