Organizational Development

Create a burnout proof workplace, school, nonprofit or faith community with a new, life-giving strategic direction

You are likely struggling to create a new strategic direction for your organization. After the incredible disruptions of the past few years, you’ve either adapted and moved forward on your feet or you’ve become stuck and outdated.

Likely you made the adrenaline-fueled decisions you needed to make in the chaos-filled moment, but now you are asking the question, “OK. What’s next?”

➡️ You may now suspect that having a “perfectly” laid out strategic plan is not very useful. Consider having processes for experimentation, learning from mistakes and failures, and then implementing those learnings into new versions of your next project, product or initiative.

➡️ Your leadership team, board, council or committee may have adapted to and even appreciate the ease of online meetings, but you are yearning to delve deeper into your creative work in person.

➡️ The energy of staff, volunteers and board members is waning. You may even be seeing larger-than-normal attrition of people from key roles due to burnout.

➡️ Or worse yet, energy is really lacking. Your organization, business, school  or church feels stuck, unfocused or just plain exhausted. You are experiencing burnout.

    Some Free Advice

    I invite you to pause, rest and reflect and ask some key questions like these:

    • What have we learned from all this change?
    • What do we want to continue doing? What do we want to let go of?
    • Why do we exist in the first place?
    • To really thrive, what do we need to prioritize in the next year?
    • What experiments might we do to learn more about how to achieve our desired outcomes?
    • How might we change our culture to be more supportive of our staff and volunteers to help them avoid burnout?
    • How might we better serve our customers, clients or members?


    If you’re ready for such a pause, I approach strategic “planning” as an active, lived process. I help facilitate your meaningful conversations, make space for rest and reflection, reconnect you to your vision, mission and values (or identify new ones), and quickly name your strategic priorities for the next year. You determine a few key programs, products or services, choose to let go of others, and create the strategic experiment(s) that will help you learn more about how you might move your strategic change forward in the coming months.

    I do this through either online, in-person or a combination of gatherings focusing on essentials such as:

    • Leadership and board retreats
    • Group coaching
    • Brainstorming sessions
    • Hackathon-style events (in which you focus intensely on a single project)

    Let me help your leadership team relax, open up and reconnect. I will help you through your next shift to intentionally launch new policies and initiatives and burnout-proof your culture to improve hiring, recruiting, and retention of staff or volunteers.

    I know that these unfamiliar processes and circumstances can elevate anxiety, so I also lead you in restful mindfulness practices which lowers your anxiety and increases openness to new ideas, people and possibilities.

    If you’re ready for a unique, intentional and mindful experience that will alleviate burnout and anxiety and inspire new strategic directions, let me know more about you and your needs. Request a proposal through this form below or schedule a free curiosity call with me to explore the possibilities.