Nicole came into my life at a crucial turning point and one I didn’t think I could get through. Her guidance and mixture of coaching/meditation/view-reframing helped me once again see a path forward. It’s 2020 so the path was messy and built by a two-year-old, but it’s a path! I look forward to continuing my journey with Nicole as I find my way through the dense woods to a higher viewpoint of clarity.”

Lindy B.

My sessions with Nicole provided me with a safe space to explore new healing potential within my own mind-body. I felt refreshed, restored and deeply resourced in a way that allowed me to sustain a feeling of well-being even after our time together. I am appreciative that Nicole is an attuned healing practitioner that welcomed the challenges of my everyday living experience and helped me find ways to become more resilient.”


Nicole is passionate about what she does and it shows!  She brings together her favorite ways to move forward in the world like yoga, meditation, physical activity, movies, prayer, self-reflection & questioning, and presents them in a way that is inviting and inspiring.  The accountability of a group retreat helps participants be motivated to implement new practices themselves, and the personal impacts are rewarding and cumulative.  Since participating in my first retreat with Nicole, I have built an at-home yoga practice, practiced meditation and self-reflection in new ways, and gained support to continue my own personal growth.  I am grateful to Nicole for embracing and sharing her skills and passions for mindful leadership in this way!!

Jennifer R.

We used Rev. Havelka to bring together a brand new group of youth ministers from across the country. She was able to engage with the participants and get them to step across natural barriers to journey into a new process and explore ways of doing/being the church. She came prepared with a set agenda and activities but was also able to adapt on the spot based on the energy of the group. The end result was informative for me as the host, but the participants left encouraged to continue their work individually and collectively.

Rev. Trayce Potter
Minister for Youth and Young Adult Engagement
United Church of Christ