Eight-week Time Boss retreat starts June 8, 2023

What if your fall schedule didn't burn you out?

The busy-ness of fall usually hits you like a storm and you get pushed in a million directions like one of those weather people reporting from the middle of a hurricane with nothing to anchor them.

But, what if you were ready for the fall storm? Or maybe even prevented it entirely?

➡️ Let’s move slowly through my Time Boss retreat this summer so that you’ll be ready for the busy-ness ahead and still have time for caring for yourself.

Use code SUMMER23 to be one of the first 10 people to register and get $200 off the regular price. Offer expires midnight PT May 17, 2023.

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You want to make your corner of the world a better place.

That means working hard so that you can have a big, positive impact as a change agent.

But what often happens is that you:

  • Pack your calendar with far too many work, school, family and community obligations that don’t have anything to do with the impact you wanted to make in the first place.
  • Say yes even though your calendar says NO.
  • Take care of others at the expense of your own mental, physical and emotional health.
  • Feel like you are the only one who really wants to make change.
  • Finally take time off, only to feel as exhausted as you did before.

AND, worse yet, you blame yourself for all of the above.

This reality is NOT your fault.

A racist, patriarchal and toxic capitalist culture tells you that working is the only way you have any value. You are taught to sacrifice yourself for the sake of “saving” your workplace, school, or religious community. You are told from the time you can barely walk and talk that taking time to rest is selfish. You never learn how to really rest. You’re taught that you must get more efficient, more productive, more organized … so that you can do more, more, more.

People like you who want to make a difference – artists, activists, spiritual or religious leaders, teachers or students, social workers and therapists – all of us who feel a passionate calling to what they do, are prone to burnout.

    The problem:

    You are unfocused and spent not because you failed, but because our culture has failed you.

    The solution:

    The Time Boss. This online retreat coaches you to carve out a schedule that prioritizes your wellbeing, makes room for what you are passionate about and prevents burnout.

    Time Boss retreat

    The Time Boss week-long online retreat will help you know your worthiness, create time for rest, and empower you to say no to the overwork that creates burnout in the first place.

    You will learn much more than just “5 tips to manage your time.” You will:

    • Clarify your priorities.
    • Unpack the racist, patriarchal trappings that teach you that you are unworthy.
    • Develop skills for saying no to too many commitments and activities.
    • Get tips on setting boundaries on technology use, toxic people and your work life.
    • Learn mindfulness practices that can be quickly and easily integrated into your daily life.

    say no to the schedule that created burnout

    The Time Boss retreat will guide you in creating and keeping a burnout-proof schedule.

    Underneath your reluctance to power down your devices, to leave email unanswered and to say no to one more volunteer commitment, is a sense that you are unworthy of rest.

    You are actually worthy of rest simply by virtue of being a person who exists in this world.

    This week-long online retreat will help you know your worthiness and create a way to use your time that manages burnout.

    You can get immediate access to the self-paced course AND participate with me and a live group June 8 – July 27, 2023.

    Cost of the retreat: $399 or 3 monthly payments of $133.

    Be one of the first 10 to register and use code SUMMER23 to get $200 off the regular price.

    The retreat includes:

    • 8 weeks of live coaching sessions (Thursdays) recordings available later
    • Live or recorded restorative yoga class
    • Mindful, virtual co-working space (live event only)
    • A downloadable Time Boss guidebook
    • Weekly emails with simple, actionable steps 
    • Weekly mindfulness practice recordings that you can keep for later use
    • A resource list of related books, podcasts, and articles
    • UNLIMITED access to the ever-evolving content and Time Boss community

    Don’t just take my word for it: Emily S. reduced her screen time by 20% after participating in Time Boss.

    This online course is also part of my Defy the Trend Trailblazer membership package that gives you all the resources to create and maintain your burnout-proof life.

    This retreat is for people like you who:

    • Do not feel worthy to take time for rest and self-care
    • Want to better understand how our racist, patriarchal, capitalist culture conditions us for workaholism and leads to burnout
    • Have difficulty saying no to stale obligations, toxic people and requests to do just one more thing
    • Struggle to shut off work devices so they can enjoy rest and play
    • Want to create a weekly calendar that balances time between work, friends and family, and self-care
    • Are curious about how mindfulness practices can ease stress and transform their lives
    • Desire connection with others struggling with the same challenges

    Who am I?

    Glad you asked! I’m Nicole, and I’m not some perfect guru who works 4 hours a week.

    I’m here for the change agents who are tired of being tired.

    One of the most important things about me: I cannot resist making change.

    It’s just who I am.

    I learned that people really liked to hire me for this quality – to start and lead innovative new programs and initiatives and put to rest some past programs that had reached the end of their lifespan.

    That was pretty great for getting hired. Not so great for the long haul.

    After some months or years, I would start to get traction with the change that they said they wanted. But soon the pushback from stalwart supporters of the way they’d always done it would begin to make noise, and the support for change would wane.

    I honestly loved what I was doing, even with the resistance. But I got really exhausted and burned out.

    Good thing I learned very early that I needed to take care of myself to survive and even thrive in these stressful situations. Now I’m passing on those insights to you in my Time Boss online retreat, which is part of the Defy the Trend Trailblazer coaching community I founded. I support change agents and evolving organizations who want to make change from the inside out. I approach you as the unique individual that you are in:

    • My group and individual coaching
    • Yoga and meditation classes and downloads
    • Engaging online and in-person trainings and team building
    • A useful and entertaining blog
    • My mini course that helps you create a burnout-proof life
    • My Defy the Trend coaching community
    Smiling Nicole Havelka with long purple hair, black sweater and gold necklace.