Training Topics

All of these offerings are geared toward organizations that want to empower their leaders to grow in commitment, connection and courage. They can be done in person or online, as a webinar, course/retreat or as a group coaching series. They will be tailored to your organization’s time, space and needs. Just schedule a curiosity call and Nicole will create a proposal for you.

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Become a Time Boss

Learning to manage your time better requires that you learn to say no. Underneath your reluctance to power down your devices, to leave email unanswered and to say no to one more request to chair the next volunteer committee is a sense that you are unworthy of rest.

Make your devices, your calendar and your life work for you again by naming your self-care needs and top priorities, setting a realistic and healthy weekly calendar, and introducing yourself to mindfulness practices that will help bring your work and life back into balance.

Leading Teams with Purpose

When you started at your managerial or supervisory position, you may have felt confident because of your mastery of the skills and abilities you had for your previous role. Then you realized that you’d need a whole different skill set for these new responsibilities of building, guiding and managing your team. You may have already begun to learn that people are at the heart of everything you do: from building a team, to developing their skills, to paying attention to their needs, passions and aspirations.

Develop skills in four basic areas central to being a fantastic manager/leader: purpose, connection, capacity building and, mostly importantly, caring for self. Learn how to nurture relationships with and between your team, how to align your workflow with vision, mission and value, and how to constantly develop your team’s leadership and professional skills. Meanwhile you will also learn how to develop your personal practices that create a humane schedule that includes self-care and keeps a healthy work-life balance.

Being a Non-Anxious Leader

We’ve all heard that we should be a non-anxious leader in the face of organizational change, but do we know how to do it? This workshop gives you a variety of tools from which you can develop your own mindfulness routine that will help you be a leader that can foster change in the face of confusion, distress, and resistance.

Mindful Teams in Times of Change

The three workshops in the Mindful Teams in Times of Change series can be delivered together, delivered individually, or wrapped into a larger series of engagements with an organization.

Visioning: Grounding in Your Purpose

Nicole will give you some time “on the balcony” to immerse yourself in your organization’s origins, its accomplishments, and your current alignment with your core purpose.

Reflection: Working through Barriers and Discomfort

Learn tools that allow for a mindful and personal assessment of the current state of your organization or company. This process is rooted in honesty, encourages leaning into discomfort, and creates space for grieving losses.

Growth: Building and Adapting Mindfully

Nicole will guide you through concepts related to brainstorming and strategizing about the future of your organization, company, or career based on your core purpose and identified barriers. 

Mindful Change

Give yourself, your team and your customers/clients/congregants the tools they need to maneuver change mindfully with practices such as meditation and breath. Practice several basic techniques that can be incorporated into your work and in your own self-care routine. Clinical studies have shown that mindfulness-based techniques reduce anxiety and create a sense of openness and calm. Experience them for yourself!

Innovating Ritual and Tradition

Rituals and Traditions — for any group or organization — can become stale and no longer resonate with new generations. Delve into what the rituals and traditions within your organization are and articulate what they mean to you. Infuse that deeply held meaning into new practices that resonate across generational divides in your organization, team or church.

Building Rituals and Traditions

New organizations or businesses have abundant passion for their vision, mission and values. Learn how to articulate that passion and develop rituals and traditions that inspire your team and your clients/customers/congregants to make the impact they want on the world.