Ways to Time Boss

For Individuals

Struggling to say no to all the things that drain your time and energy?

Take some focused time to reflect on your current schedule and learn mindfulness and time management techniques that will better allow you to live your priorities, including making time for yourself.

Time Boss Retreat + Individual Coaching Bundle

Pair asynchronous access to the Time Boss online retreat with six sessions of individualized coaching sessions with Nicole to help you develop the daily and weekly habits that will allow you to both get the rest you need and the work you need to get done.

Time Boss Retreat + Individual Coaching Bundle

Time Boss Retreat + Group Coaching Bundle

Same as above, but with the more affordable community care group coaching which meets the third Thursday of every month at 1 p.m. EDT.

Time Boss Retreat + Group Coaching Bundle

For Teams

Does your team have too much to do and not enough time to do it?

Time Boss for Teams empowers entrepreneurs, nonprofits and small businesses to stop chasing every shiny new idea or community, customer or client need by articulating their vision, mission and values and setting clear priorities based on them. Create a humane schedule that then strategically achieves the impact you want to have on your clients and customers while preventing burnout among your team.

Every group training is tailored to meet your unique needs. Please request a proposal at least three months before your desired training time.

Options include:

Time Boss Webinar (60-90 minutes) focused on your team’s particular challenges.

Time Boss Online Retreat* for individuals on your team. Nicole will create your own private online space to journey through the asynchronous retreat. Group coaching can be added to support your implementation of a culture of care in which leaders thrive.

Time Boss for Teams Live Training*. Nicole will lead a live version of the Time Boss training in a one- or two-day training, either online or in person. The training can include private asynchronous access to the online Time Boss retreat and/or follow-up group coaching.

* Price varies depending on training time and size of group, length of training, coaching and travel (if applicable).