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What I Do

I bring passionate teams together around a purposeful vision of the the common good for their community. I help organizations answer the question, “Why?” and then take their great ideas for serving the community and make them a reality through solid project and team management. In short, I align WHAT we do with WHY we want to do it in the first place.

As many organizations adapt to an ever-changing cultural landscape, I bring several gifts and skills that can help teams lead change in ways that help people move through anxiety and fear. I help groups abandon thinking like, “We’ve never done it this way before,” and embrace possibilities by:

• Leading through creative, collaborative processes;
• Developing effective internal and external communications processes and plans;
• Equipping team leaders by teaching them the skills they need;
• Using spiritual practices like yoga and meditation for calm in anxious times of change and
• Developing personal relationships within the team.

I bring the resources of having served the wider United Church of Christ for eight years in Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and the national church setting. Previous to my work in the wider church, a group of at-risk youth trained me to be a pastor while I served as a chaplain to children and youth with behavioral disorders and mental illness at a treatment facility in northern Illinois.

I believe in helping organizations effectively live out their core purpose to do work to transform their communities for the common good.

I can serve easily in transitional times within organizations and churches attempting to grow, but that don’t necessarily ready to hire a permanent staff person. The areas I work in include:

  • Developing communications plans utilizing digital technology (social media, website, email) to build community;
  • Develop effective staff and/or volunteer teams;
  • Train staff as effective, collaborative leaders;
  • Write policies and procedures that fit the needs of a growing organization;
  • Utilize mindfulness practices (yogic breath and meditation) to calm anxious waters during times of change;

For churches specifically I can:

  • Assess and develop faith formation programs that foster faith for all ages;
  • Develop worship that resonates with a wide variety of ages;
  • Develop volunteer boards and committees based on their spiritual gifts.

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