Burnout Proof your workplace

Training Events and Team Building Retreats that help you root out the causes of burnout

Big changes are still needed in your evolving nonprofit, church or business. But your team doesn’t seem to have the energy anymore.

You’ve recruited the best staff and volunteers, but over time their passion for being change agents has waned. Maybe you see the signs of burnout: emotional exhaustion, a lack of empathy, and the sense that nothing they do will have the impact they want to have.

Your team is unconnected to its mission, and prioritizes based on whatever shiny new idea comes to the forefront, or simply runs to put out the next fire without a sense of priorities or purpose.

The problem:

Your team is burned out, and people are either leaving your team or doing their work without a spark of compassion. You may bring new people in, but they don’t yet have the trusting relationships with the team or understanding of the organization to help move things forward.

The solution:

Invest in your team with custom training events and team building retreats that:  

  • foster your team’s relationships
  • renew your energy
  • ignite your passion for your organization’s vision, mission and values
  • clarify your priorities 

These regular times for your team to get away, reconnect with each other and their sense of purpose, and build brave relationships will spark that creativity, passion and courage that you originally saw in them.

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Team Building Retreats

With all the challenges we face – new recruits arriving and seasoned workers leaving, the practice of remote working, and everyone needing more time to recover from loads of stress – your team may seem like disconnected, frazzled, worn-out parts rather than a well-oiled machine.

Your team needs set-aside time to build trusting relationships, develop shared priorities and learn how to rest in order to become change agents.

My team building retreats do not rely on awkward ice breakers or paintball games to get people connected. We will build authentic relationships, learn important new skills together, and set priorities for your team.

Retreats will be adjusted to meet your goals and done in the time that works best for you. They can be done in a day or more in person, or over the course of several group coaching sessions online. Or a combination of both.

Retreats include:

  • Mindfulness practices
  • Community building
  • Reconnection with your vision, mission and values
  • Brainstorming and goal setting
  • Skill building from one of my signature training topics

Leave behind the happy-clappy ice breakers and clichéd paintball games of past team building, and collaborate with me to give your team meaningful, connected and fun time away that will spark and focus their energy for months to come.

Let me know more about you and your needs. Request a proposal through this form below or contact me.

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Training Events

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You may not notice the burnout in your team every day, but it is taking its toll. Many experienced team members may have left in The Great Resignation. You may have recruited a few new passionate people, but they are unfocused because so much in your organization has changed. You might not even know how to start to bring them up to speed!

Your team may lack that creative spark they need for this next phase of change because they are not connected to each other or your organization’s sense of purpose. You, yourself, may not have that same spark of creativity needed to move your next initiative forward. Heck, you may not even know what the next priority initiative even is.

These problems are not all your fault. COVID, our long-overdue racial justice reckoning, supply chain issues and the general tumult of these last few years have taken a toll. You may have realized that the way we were doing things before COVID was not all that great.

Our culture affirms us for how much we work, not for how much we reflect, plan, and rest in order to create the next best thing for our business, church or nonprofit. We create impossible schedules, trying to solve too many problems or reach too many goals. In the end, we don’t end up doing much of anything well.

The problem:

Staff and volunteers burn out and quit when they are overworked and under-resourced.

The solution:

Invest in training your team on the leadership skills that matter most to making impactful change in your organization, church or business.

I give you training on the skills that are crucial to sustain you in periods of change and growth and that will sustain you in times of relative stability, too. My training includes practical skills like leading a meeting and facilitating a brainstorming session. We also delve into skills for having tough conversations, setting priorities and living them out (i.e., saying no to everything else), and how to integrate mindfulness practices into your daily routines.

To move through this massive cultural change, we need more creative, passionate leaders.

Invest in your team’s leadership with a webinar, a mindfulness class, a one-day (or more) training session, and/or regular group coaching sessions around a training topic, to foster your team’s rest.

Let me know more about you and your needs. I approach your training needs with creativity and adaptability. I can work with almost any time frame and budget. All trainings can be done online, in-person or a hybrid of the two. Request a proposal through this form below, or schedule a free curiosity call with me.

Signature Training topics

Leading Teams with Purpose.

This training is especially geared toward new managers or those who want to hone their skills by working on leading meetings, building community, having supervisory conversations (especially the tough ones), identifying and developing team talent and managing projects and assigning tasks. I also invite you to reflect on and plan for your own times of rest. As a manager or change agent, you need to take intentional time for rest and reflection. Getting “on the balcony” helps you understand the big-picture view of the challenges that lie ahead and makes the day-to-day work so much easier!

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Mindfulness for Helping Professionals.

Therapists, pastors, social workers and other front-line caregivers want to use mindfulness practices with those they serve. This training will introduce you to those practices from a seasoned yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher. It also gives you the tools you need to develop your own mindfulness practice and learn how to introduce simple practices to beginners who can use them to thrive, not just survive.

Time Boss for Teams.

This training experience will empower your team to articulate your shared vision, mission and values and set clear priorities based on them. Teams will unpack why we tend to overwork and overschedule ourselves. (Spoiler Alert: It has something to do with the racist patriarchy!) You will name your core purpose and priorities. Then, you will brainstorm all the things you can be doing in the coming months and pick a few attainable priorities that best help you have the most impact. This training is also available as an asynchronous course just for your team or alongside other time bosses.

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Mindful Teams in Times of Change

This three-part workshop series can be delivered together, individually, or wrapped into a larger series of group coaching sessions.

Visioning: Grounding in Your Purpose

I give you intentional time to step away from the daily grind and reflect on your organization’s origins, its accomplishments, and your current alignment with your core purpose.

Reflection: Working through Barriers and Discomfort

Learn tools that allow for a mindful and personal assessment of the current state of your organization or company. This process is rooted in honesty, encourages leaning into discomfort, and creates space for grieving losses.

Growth: Building and Adapting Mindfully

I guide you through concepts related to brainstorming and strategizing about the future of your organization, company, or career based on your core purpose and identified barriers.

Create a Burnout-Proof Workplace.

(Coming in spring 2023.) This is a training designed to change the toxic work habits that create an environment ripe for burnout. We unpack our cultural habits that celebrate overwork and exhaustion at the expense of our humanity, and which often work against our stated purpose and goals. More details coming soon!

Your team can be ready for the challenges ahead if you invest in their growth and development. Let’s collaborate to create the kind of leaders you need to take change to the next level at your organization.

Let me know more about you and your needs. I can work with almost any time frame and budget. Request a proposal through this form below, or schedule a free curiosity call with me.

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