Upcoming Events

Nicole’s events are for everybody, in every kind of body. All bodies can and should practice self-care in a safe, respectful, even playful space. Her restorative yoga sessions, webinars, group coaching and special events are all designed to help you relax so that you can become the best leader you can be.

Community is also at the heart of what we do. With each event, you’ll build relationships with people in a wide variety of jobs, geographies and perspectives. One things binds us: we want to connect with a diverse group of mindful leaders who want to defy the trends of exhaustion and complacency. And we don’t want to do it alone.

In November 2021, you can win discounts to these events by commenting or sharing my social media posts about gratitude on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Time Boss Online Retreat, Feb. 1-8

Managing your time better requires that you learn to say no. 👏

Underneath your reluctance to power down your devices, to leave email unanswered and to say no to one more request to chair the next volunteer committee is a sense that you are unworthy of rest.

👉🏻 You are actually worthy of rest simply by virtue of being YOU.

This week-long online retreat will help you know your worthiness and manage time better. Flexible pricing and monthly payment plans are available.